Getting started in Oils

I was the total SKEPTIC. I mean, how does a drop of anything do anything?

I became interested in essential oils mostly because I knew people who used them and swore they ‘worked’. Our daughter told us about the holistic angle, which absolutely 20170809_152231interested me. I want a ‘clean’ home and body. I knew it was time for oils when I went grocery shopping one day and saw with new eyes that most everything in that place was bad for our health. EVERYTHING. I know this sounds weird, but it was like death was everywhere.

As of today, I have not taken aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen for my ‘regular’, meaning nearly daily, headaches for at least TWO MONTHS. And I still get them, but not as often. The hormonal ones are EVIL. But I realized that my habit to take something to make it go away NOW was exactly that, a habit. I could do something better.

For me, drinking lots of filtered water, using good supplements like magnesium, my oil blends ClaryCalm and PastTense for those persnickety headaches really helps! And I think I’m still surprised by it. But I learned something about myself – I needed to listen to my body to heal and feel better. Essential Oils, whether diffusing or topically, can heal!!! God wants us WELL!

This is why we became doTERRA Wellness Advocates. Our home is wonderfully well and we feel better! We diffuse ALL THE TIME. You can, too! Go to our ‘contact’ page and find out more!

God Bless ~ Rev. Kat