Sunday Musings & Moments

We had a wonderful lunch with our kids and grandkids, loving the moments that the Lord gifts us with. As I pen this, my cat sits on sentry upon my printer while I sip some Peppermint tea. It was a big lunch, I’ll share my Banana Pudding recipe with you tomorrow – it was a hit!

TerraZymeAndDigestZenWe got our BOGO of TerraZyme and DigestZen from Doterra yesterday. My husband’s bad gut was a happy camper after using TerraZyme supplements right before we ate. He was literally astonished at the results! I’m so thankful, I know he struggles with his bad tummy every day.

I put a couple of drops of DigestZen oil on the battlefield of my tummy and I feel NOT bloated šŸ˜€ and for that, I am also very thankful.

Little by little, I’m ridding the house of all of the go-to junk to fix our ills. And what I’ve realized is that my body has built up some kind of offense for this OTC garbage. Now I’m finding that my headaches don’t last as long, my mood is better and my general wellness is great [even at my age ;)].

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