LAST DAY for Doterra BOGO Offers! Don’t we all need a bit of Balance & Serenity?

As a minister, we preach BALANCE in all things, Dishonest scales are an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is His delight, [Proverbs 11:1]. And what that means is God knows we are OUT OF BALANCE in our family life, spiritual life and business life. We are on the run all the time without giving ourselves what we NEED. Our bodies and spirit are begging for balance and the serenity that comes. God wants us WELL and BALANCED in all aspects of our lives. 

Balance and Serenity Blends nails it! I’ve been diffusing Serenity this morning and I love it! It brings me peace in a crazy day. So, buy Serenity Blend and get Balance Blend FREE!!! LOVE!!! Oh, and the Doterra diffuser is wonderful, an excellent partner to all of these oils ❤

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